Starring Kourtney E
Released on Dec 22, 2019
Duration : 11:41
Tags: 22-29 (Age) , 5.7K (Video Quality) , Action (Action) , Black (Lingerie) , Brown (Eyes) , Dress (Outfit) , Natural (Breasts) , Piercings (Body) , Redhead (Hair) , Scottish (Nationality) , Shaved (Pubic Hair) , Small (Breasts) , Stockings (Outfit) , Striptease (Action) , Teasing (Action)

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Kourtney E is dressed up and ready to go out with you tonight! But before you leave she wants to give you something... A striptease! Kourtney is wearing a lovely beige and black striped dress which fits tight to her skin... Along with her black stockings, which will soon be coming off...

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