Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are your sites MAC and mobile compatible?

A. Yes, in general, all the sites are compatible with PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. However, some older videos produced pre-2013 will not play on mobile devices. However, we are in the process of converting older videos to be compatible with mobiles/tablets.

Q. In what format do the video's come?

A. All recent streaming and downloadable videos are available in 360p Mobile/Tablet, 540p Medium Resolution, 720p HD, 1080p FULL HD & Ultra Hi-Definition 2160p 4K MP4 Resolution. Older videos are available in a mix of SD & Full HD WMV Formats.

Q. The video i downloaded has no picture, what is the problem?

A. There is no problem with the video, it is a up-to-date codec that is required for your video player. Simply download and install a free codec pack. Full instructions are available HERE.

Q. Which video playback software do you recommend?

A. Our recommended playback software are: VLC Media Player PC & MAC (free download: HERE) & Media Player Classic PC (free download: HERE)

Q. I want to watch the 4K version of a video scene, what do i need?

A. You will need a device powerful enough to play a ultra high definition video, plus a display which is also capable of displaying a 4K ULtra HD (3840x2160) video. If you play a 4K video back on a regular 1080 display, it will look no different to a 1080 video.



Q. Is my credit card/debit card billed discreetly?

A. Our site's name will NOT appear on your statement and your purchase will be on a safe 128 bit encrypted server hosted by CCBill!

Q. How do i cancel my membership?

A. At any time, you can easily cancel your subscription go directly to

Q. Will my access stop soon as i cancel?

A. It depends on how long you have left on your subscription. For example, if you sign up for a 30 day subscription on 1st April, and then cancel on 20th April, you will still have full unlimited access until 30th April.

Q. Will i definitely not be re-billed after i cancel my membership or if i take out a non-recurring membership?

A. Subscriptions are managed by CCBILL, who are trusted to process subscriptions for more than 30,000 websites worldwide. If you take out a recurring trial or full membership, you will definitely NOT be re-billed after the you cancel. You can cancel your membership at anytime.


Site Problems (Full Site)

Q. I lost my username and/or password, what do I do?

A. Fill in the password reset form HERE

Q. I haven't received my password reset email?

A. Often email providers automatically filter adult emails into "Spam" or "Junk" you may find the email has been filtered automatically into your spam folder.

Q. I cannot log in, why?

A. There may be different reasons why you are unable to access the members section. It could be for one of the following reasons:

  • You may have mistyped your login information. Make sure you use uppercase and lowercase where necessary.
  • There may have been a problem with your billing. If we were unable to charge you for your next membership period, your membership may have been cancelled and expired.
  • Your password may have been changed for security reasons.

Q. I receive an error "503:Too many IP's accessing a secure area"

A. Your username has been used to login to the members area with multiple different IP addresses. This can be caused by a few different factors including password sharing or your username/password combo may have been compromised. The best thing to do is Contact Us and we can reset your password.

Q. How can I improve the speed and functionality of the web site?

A. Our recommended browsers are:
Google Chrome (free download: ) Update Info:
Mozilla Firefox (free download: )
The latest versions of Internet Explorer, and Safari for PC/MAC are also supported.
Using any other browser or even an older version of one of these browsers can lead to various navigation and download problems, so it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to a newer and better browser.

Q. I receive a site error code.

A. If you receive any type of site error, the first thing to do is clear your browser cache. If this does not fix the problem, please Contact Us or email direct at info(at)


Site Problems (Mobile)

Q. I load the site on my iPhone and it crashes straight away.

A. It may be an issue with your software or browser. First please update your iPhone OS (iOS) to the latest version, and then see if there is an update for the browser you are using.


Lastly, if you have any other questions that are not listed here, please Contact Us, we are always here to help.