Starring Kay G
Released on Apr 14, 2019
Duration : 08:11
Tags: 22-29 (Age) , 5.7K (Video Quality) , Action (Action) , Black (Lingerie) , Brunette (Hair) , Casual (Outfit) , English (Nationality) , Green (Eyes) , Large (Breasts) , Lounge (Location) , Natural (Breasts) , Striptease (Action) , Teasing (Action)

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Casually Nude

Kay knows the score. She knows what you're here for, and she's happy to give it to you! Watch as she casually strips out of her denim skirt to introduce you to her little black thong. The top she's wearing is stretched across her huge breasts, but it's not long before she sets them free, starting with a bit of underboob, then teasing and stripping until she's completely naked, except for her bright blue heels. Enjoy!

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