Starring Frankie L
Released on Apr 28, 2020
Duration : 12:00
Tags: 22-29 (Age) , 5.7K (Video Quality) , Action (Action) , Black (Lingerie) , Brown (Eyes) , Brunette (Hair) , Casual (Outfit) , English (Nationality) , Kitchen (Location) , Large (Breasts) , Natural (Breasts) , Pink (Lingerie) , Shaved (Pubic Hair) , Striptease (Action) , Teasing (Action)

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The Full English

You and Frankie are in the kitchen and she is about to cook up a storm. Feast your eyes upon Frankie as she gives you a naughty strip tease that will surely whet your appetite! Frankie is wearing a short skirt, showing her beautiful long legs and a revealing blouse!

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